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          • 人物性格的英语句子

            时间:2018-10-27 09:55:58 | 网站:www.bballfreak.com


            I like to imitate comic dialogue and the antics in movies, which often make my classmates laugh.


            His line of bold and resolute nose and mouth seemed to be particularly angular at the moment.


            I know that I am introverted, I love to blush, and I dare not speak in front of so many people.


            Grandma is very particular to me. Whenever my father criticizes me, she will help me.


            I am like a brave eaglet flying in the blue sky. I am not afraid of sailing far away. I am not afraid of wind and rain.


            I am a glutton of temper. I will never go back to the south wall.


            She has a bright personality and looks like a man. It is difficult for any difficulty to make her look worried.


            Grandma is not in good health and her eyesight is not good. However, in order to pay my tuition fee, she goes out early and returns late every day to pick up the newspaper.


            From small to large, he never gave up and never gave up.


            With strong willpower, she overcame her physiological defects and finally entered the University.


            Grandpa loved wine, so he used to hang around the liquor counter every time he went to the mall, looking at all kinds of liquor in the window.


            Aunt is always careful in her work. She takes a step to see the three step, and always prepares several hands when she is in trouble.


            I never bow, and now my neck is stiff.


            My heart was so soft that every time I saw the poor beggar, I couldn't help giving them a few cents.


            There are chess fans, dramas and fans. My grandfather is fascinated by flowers. He is a genuine fan of flowers.


            That's what I do. I take everything seriously. I think it's right.


            I study very hard because I know that hard work can make up for lack of talent, but talent can not make up for laziness.


            I don't like my mother doing everything for me. I want to be independent and eager to have my own space.

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