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          • 帮助他人的英语名言

            作者:成功大师 | 网站:www.bballfreak.com

            1、Gifts of roses, hand there are lingering fragrance。赠人玫瑰,手有余香。

            2、A genuine scholar truly amazing place, is secretly do many great work and was not so famous。

            3、As one fence needs three stakes, a good guy needs three fellows。一个篱笆打三个桩,一个好汉要有三个帮。

            4、The snow to send carbon。雪中送碳。

            5、It is better to give than to take。施比受更有福。

            6、With all its beauty, the lotus needs green leaves to set it off。荷花虽好励志吧http://wWw.bballfreak.com/,也要绿叶扶持。

            7、I just do something to my meager to serve truth and justice services。我要做的只是以我微薄的绵力来为真理和正义服务。

            8、Find in helping others is a virtue。助人为乐是一种美德。

            9、I help others, can get the help of others。我帮别人的人,能得别人的帮助。

            10、Treasure is not really rich, solidarity is happiness。金银财宝不算真富,团结友爱才是幸福。

            11、More people produce greater strength, more logs make a bigger fire。柴多力量高,人多力量大。

            12、Help people to start from the little things, not good for small and for。助人要从日常小事做起,不因善小而不为。

            13、Modernization need find in helping others spirit。现代化建设需要助人为乐的精神。

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