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          • 英语名言警句大全集

            作者:成功大师 | 网站:www.bballfreak.com

            1、Doubt is the key to knowledge。怀疑是知识的钥匙。

            2、The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today。实现明天理想的唯一障碍是今天的疑虑。

            3、Wealth is the test of a man's character。财富是对一个人品格的试金石。

            4、It is not the fine coat that makes the gentleman。使人成为君子的并不是讲究的衣着。

            5、If you fail, don't forget to learn your lesson。如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训。

            6、The longest day has an end。最难过的日子也有尽头。

            7、That man is the richest whose pleasure are the cheapest。能处处寻求快乐的人才是最富有的人。

            8、Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties。成功来自于克服困难的斗争。

            9、I think success has no rules, but you can learn a lot from failure。我认为成功没有定律,但你可从失败中学到很多东西。

            10、Time and tide wait for no man。时间不等人。

            11、Courtesy is the inseparable companion of virtue。礼貌和美貌是分不开的伴侣。

            12、A great man is always willing to be little。伟大的人物总是愿意当小人物的。

            13、Good wine needs no bush。酒香不怕巷子深。

            14、Mind acts upon mind。心有灵犀一点通。

            15、Beware beginning。以谨慎开始。

            16、One for all, all for one。我为人人,人人为我。

            17、All things in their being are good for something。天生我才必有用。

            18、Ordinary people think merely of how they will spend time, a man of intellect tries to use it。常人只想如何消磨时间,智者则努力利用时间。

            19、It takes two to make a quarrel。 一个巴掌拍不响。

            20、Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real。但凡人能想象到的事物,必定有人能将它实现。

            21、He who commences many things finishes but a few。样样都搞,完成者少。

            22、Adversity is a good disciple励志吧http://wWw.bballfreak.com/。逆境是锻炼人的最好场所。

            23、Great works are performed not by strength,but by perseverance。完成伟大的事业不在于体力,而在于坚韧不拔的毅力。

            24、Nurture passes nature。教养胜过天性。

            25、Pride hurts, modesty benefits。满招损,谦受益。

            26、Little goods, little care。钱财少,不烦恼。

            27、Each man is the architect of his own fate。每个人都是自己命运的建筑师。

            28、Gratitude is the sign of noble souls。感恩是精神高尚的标志。

            29、One's sin will find one out。 坏事终归要败露。

            30、Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know。 明枪易躲,暗箭难防。

            31、Never do things by halves。做事不可半途而废。

            32、When shepherds quarrel,the wolf has a winning game。 鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利。

            33、Goals determine what you are going to be。目标决定你将成为为什么样的人。

            34、Each man is the architect of his own fate。 每个人都是自己命运的建筑师。

            35、I have nothing to offer but blood, boil, tears and sweat。我能奉献的没有其它,只有热血、辛劳、眼泪与汗水。

            36、You never know your luck。命运好坏不由己。

            37、Between two stools one falls to the ground。脚踏两头要落空。

            38、You cannot step twice into the same river。你不能两次踏入同一条河流。

            39、What is done cannot be undone。覆水难收。

            40、A friend in need is a friend indeed。 患难见真情。

            41、Sweat is the lubricant of success。汗水是成功的润滑剂。

            42、True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime。对任何技能的掌握都需要一生的刻苦操练。

            43、All lay load on the willing horse。人善被人欺,马善被人骑。

            44、Poverty is stranger to industry。勤劳之人不受穷。

            45、The greater the man, the more restrained his anger。 人越伟大,越能克制怒火。

            46、Time tries all things。时间检验一切。

            47、A watched pot never boils。心急喝不了热粥。

            48、The heart is seen in wine。酒后吐真言。

            49、It is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous。 从崇高到荒谬只有一步之遥。

            50、Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people。 困难坎坷是人们的生活教科书。

            51、No cross, no crown。未经苦难,得不到荣冠。

            52、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible ”。凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。

            53、Bad times make a good man。艰难困苦出能人。

            54、Success often depends upon knowing how long it will take to succeed。成功常常取决于知道需要多久才能成功。

            55、Experience is the best teacher。实践出真知。

            56、You're uinique,nothing can replace you。你举世无双,无人可以替代。

            57、Honesty is the best policy。诚实为上策。

            58、Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people。 困难坎坷是人们的生活教科书。

            59、There is no rose without a thorn。没有玫瑰花是不长刺的。

            60、Accept what was and what is, and you’ll have more positive energy to pursue what will be。接受过去和现在的模样,才会有能量去追寻自己的未来。

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